Is There Anything You Can Do to Protect Yourself From Fake Deepfake Videos?

What do you do if you notice a fake? Using computer generated imagery (CGI), director Tobe Hooper depicted fictitious character Forrest Gump conversing with a smiling JFK in his 1994 film Forrest Gump The actor Paul Walker was brought back to life in the 2015 film Furious 7, and in a recent Star Wars film, actress Carrie Fisher was given a similar high-tech half-life. Guess what? Stunts like that no longer need Hollywood studios and millions of dollars.

We’re referring to the greater ease with which “deepfake” videos may be produced that are convincingly fake. That may be cool, terrifying, or a little of both, depending on your perspective. It’s easy to say that digital impersonation of you isn’t as cool, at least when done without your knowledge or approval. This essay examines the recent emergence of deepfake videos, which it argues are the next logical step in the current growth of the Disinformation Age. If you are blackmailed byالتزييف العميق , you can contact us.


As the name implies, “deep” refers to artificial intelligence (AIapproach )’s of gathering data in order to get wiser. In this scenario, the AI applies a new face on an existing body and face by overlaying its data, which includes particular facial gestures. Although the name “deepfake” was only coined recently, the idea behind it has been around for a long time. People have had to deal with Photoshopped photographs’ (or any digitally faked or changed image’s) sometimes troublesome, sometimes hilarious effects for at least the past 15 years. What’s most upsetting about the present state of manipulated video is that once-expensive, cutting-edge technology is now more widely available, astonishingly smooth, and doesn’t need the services of Hollywood special effects artists. It’s unfortunate that our greater comfort comes at the same time as an uptick in bogus news, thanks to the aforesaid “Disinformation Age”.

It’s hardly surprising that Jordan Peele, a film actor and director, issued a high-profile warning about imminent deepfakery in 2018. Peele’s popular movie opens with his Obama voice impersonation spoken by a deepfaked Obama video. “Watch out that we don’t turn into a dystopia,” is all that Peele had to say in his warning about convincing false political speeches suddenly becoming commonplace. Due to the fact that the deepfake phenomenon is still relatively new and its ominous potential has yet to completely develop, we are unsure exactly what kind of damage it will wreak. Early reports can only say “we’ll have to see” for now (though we may not have to wait very long, since nowadays new deepfake cases are appearing more frequently, so certain points in this article may quickly become obsolete). 

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What are the purposes: private and public?

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Deepfake videos, like fake news, serve a number of functions. For example, the Youtube channels devoted to changing the looks of actors in films are established only for amusement and amusement. That’s on the kinder end of the spectrum. After that, there were some phoney political videos to contend with. Not exactly deep-faked, but just slowed down to make her seem inebriated, a video of Nancy Pelosi recently surfaced. President Trump had really shared the video. Also, another deepfake has surfaced, this one of Gabonese president Ali Bongo, whose health difficulties have been the subject of rumours for some time. Shortly after the video went viral, the Gabonese military attempted a coup attempt. Whether or whether this video is a deepfake is immaterial; the point is that we must immediately scrutinise everything we see. However, disruption of social order is not now the most widespread bad usage of deepfake films, but rather regrettable incidents of daily vengeance. Women are much more often than males to have their features morphed onto pornographic actresses’ bodies. Celebrities aren’t exempt from this. However, some feel that because of their fame, no one will ever fall for these hoaxes.

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