7 Things to Pack for a Long Road Trip

Long Road Trip

Nothing quite compares to the freedom of having a grand adventure on the wide-open road. The ability to know that you can literally drive anywhere you wanted, stop anywhere you wanted and have the world be your oyster is something that is hard to describe.

There is a reason so many of us love a good road trip. But with that adventure also comes the need to be prepared for anything and everything. You want to make sure that you have brought all the road trip essentials for the journey, from a blanket throw to snacks and even a spare tire.

The road can be unpredictable and the last thing you want to have to happen is not to have an essential item that you need. When you are traveling by car, you have the luxury of packing as much as you want. There is no carry-on limit like there is when you are traveling by plane. SO there is no reason to not bring absolutely everything you know you will need with you during a long road trip.

To help you figure out what to pack we have rounded up the top must-have items for any car trip—especially the really long ones.

1. Your License and Registration

This one may seem fairly obvious, but you would be surprised as to how many people end up forgetting to check they have the basic paperwork that allows them to even go on a long road trip, to begin with. These two pieces of paper will be your key to getting out on the road and knowing that you will not get in trouble with the police. So double-check and make sure these are in your glove box.

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2. A Spare Tire

When you are out on the wide open road you are also going to be subject to a lot of mishaps. This includes the fact that your tire may burst at any given point. You do not want to end up stuck on the side of the road for hours on end waiting for help. So be prepared to take matters into your own hands if really needed and make sure you have a spare tire packed. Trust us, this one essential item can end up saving the whole road trip from disaster.

3. An Emergency Kit

Speaking of the unexpected happening, make sure you also pack yourself a roadside emergency kit. That way if you end up getting into any sort of car trouble on the road, you will be able to at least stay safe. The best emergency kits include battery booster cables, rain ponchos, warning triangles, and a whistle. Chances are you likely will not need to use it, but you never really know.

4. Pillows and a Blanket Throw

In addition to packing for emergencies, you also want to pack for comfort. That is why you should always make sure you bring your favorite blanket throw and a whole bunch of pillows in the car with you. Not only will it make it easier to get comfortable while on the road, but equally when you are pulled over and taking a bit of a rest. Plus, if you are not driving, having the blanket throw and pillows will allow you to create a space where you can easily go to sleep for a bit.

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5. Lots of Water

When you are out on the open road, you never really know how long it may be before you reach the next town or grocery store. That is why you always want to pack your car with extra water bottles just in case. Staying hydrated on the road is very important and you never want to risk running out of water. So fill the trunk of your car with at least a few liters of water bottles so that you never have to worry about being thirsty on a long road trip.

6. Lots of Snacks

Speaking of which, it is equally important to pack your car with a lot of snacks too. Equally, to not wanting to go thirsty, you do not want to go hungry either. Plus, snacking is one of the best past times when on a road trip. Bring protein bars, fruit, and your favorite guilty pleasures so that you are not risking going hangry while on the wide-open road.

7. An Epic Playlist

Of course, one of the most fun activities to do while in the car on a long road trip is to crank up the tunes and play an epic road trip playlist. You can get the whole car singing along to some of the greatest hits and have a lot of fun while on the road.


These seven essential items will help ensure that you have the best time adventuring and are prepared for absolutely anything. From your favorite blanket throw to lots of water and snacks, you will have everything you need.

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