Importance of English Essays for Children

There are many ways to develop the writing and thinking skills of children. One among them is writing essays. Most school curriculums include essays from Class 2! The main reason is to hone the writing and creativity skills of children. Though, at first, children might face difficulties in writing an essay, once they develop an interest, it will help them in the future. While writing, children have to imagine, and that will, in turn, increase their creative powers. Apart from enhancing their creative skills, there are other ways in which essay writing can be beneficial for children.

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  • Pushes them to read – Kids nowadays don’t concentrate enough to read books. Most of the time, they remain engrossed in their tab or smartphone. And in the past year, due to online classes, it seems that the distance between children reading books and spending time on smartphones has increased. As a result, when it comes to reading books, it becomes difficult to make children do so. The best way of making them read is giving them topics to write an English essay. When they have to write about a topic, they will need to know about it, which will prompt them to read. Hence, mission accomplished!
  • It helps them be imaginative – Writing needs imagination, and when a child has to write an essay topic, he needs to let his imagination run wild. While writing an essay, a child has to imagine an entire scenario and then pen it down in their words. This process helps them to tap into their imagination and be creative while they write.
  • Communicate ideas – Unlike senior students who can express themselves in words, kids find it difficult to do so. Writing essays allows them to express what they feel. Writing allows them to choose words wisely, which enables them to express themselves fully. This process helps them to be creative, which would later help them in their academic career.
  • An important skill – Apart from enhancing creative and vocabulary skills, essay writing holds an essential role in every children’s life. If a kid develops the habit of writing essays at an early age, it will help them in their future. Whether getting into good colleges, or a well-reputed firm for a job, a good essay writing ability will help them get through it without much difficulty.
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How to Encourage Kids to Write a Good Essay

Now that you know about the pros of English essay writing, it’s time for you, as parents, to start a hands-down activity with your child. Getting a child to write an essay can be tricky work, so here are some tips that will help to make the essay writing process easier.

  • Teach them the basics – The best and simplest way to start is by explaining the basics. Teach them how to write an essay, the fundamental rules to be followed, the structure, how to present themselves and other necessary details. Once they have an idea about what and how to write, it will become easier for them.
  • Choose topics wisely – While you are giving your child a topic to write an essay, you have to bear in mind which class he is in! As there are many topics to choose from, one has to be careful with what one chooses. Topics like My Best Friend, Favourite Season, Christmas Essay, My Mother etc., can be given to kids in Kindergarten to Class 2.
  • Talk about the result – Once the kids are done writing the essay, you should discuss what they have written. If they have managed to write a good essay, they should be praised. Whereas, if they have made any mistakes or the writing needs to be improved, you have to gently point it out to them. This will help them to learn and improve their writing skills.

Lastly, writing an essay might not be an easy job for kids, but once they get a good hold on the concept, it will help them to improve their writing, creative and vocabulary skills.

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